Webinar DNA

Webinar Success: DNA Analysis of GMO Cotton

In June, a total of thirty-nine registrants attended our live webinar in cooperation with Impetus Bioscience analysing genetically modified cotton fibres and cotton products.

ICA Bremen in association with Impetus Bioscience delivered an hour-long live webinar analysing genetically modified cotton fibres and cotton products suitable for all individuals connected to the Textile Industry supply chain.

As the discussions around DNA analysis of cotton, GMO cotton and the various varieties and organic cotton continue to populate various news reports and social media posts, ICA Bremen and Impetus Bioscience utilised this webinar to present and educate this contemporary topic to our industry through the expert views of Dr. Lothar Kruse and Impetus Bioscience.

Keynote speaker Dr. Lothar Kruse introduced the thirty-nine attendees to the topic with an overarching explanation of genetically modified cotton fibres and cotton products worldwide prior to going into a more in-depth enlightenment of the subject.

Overall the webinar feedback received was extremely positive with one attendee stating, “I found the topic extremely interesting and well explained by Dr. Lothar Kruse throughout”.

ICA Bremen have plans to hold further webinars soon on various cotton related topics. If you would like to be added to our ‘Webinar Contact List’ please email info@ica-bremen.org.