Training Course Modules


Classing Modules:

  • Equipment of classing rooms
  • Influence of cotton planting up to bale pressing on grading
  • Overview and evaluation of visual quality parameters
  • Introduction to universal standards system and world standards
  • Introduction to visual grading and staple pulling
  • Training of visual classing on universal standards
  • Visual classing of standards
  • Typical quality parameters of different important origins
  • Classing various origins
  • Quality arbitration practice
  • Use of value differences

Laboratory Modules:

  • Cotton fibres & fibre properties in cotton production & processing
  • Cotton properties and testing instruments
  • Instrument test results for cotton and test result practice
  • Influences on test results and laboratory quality management
  • Testing guidelines and verification of instrument test results
  • Practical quality management for cotton testing laboratories
  • Cotton testing on High Volume Instruments
  • Cotton testing on additional testing instruments